Who is Voiceless

Voiceless Directors jointly oversee the activities of the organisation. Drawn from a range of diverse backgrounds and experiences, Directors are united by their belief in animal protection and work collectively to guide the development of Voiceless.

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Jeremy Philips

Jeremy Philips is managing Director of Occam Partners and a member of the Board of Directors of TripAdvisor. Previously, he was CEO of Photon Group Ltd, a marketing and communications company. Prior to joining Photon in June 2010, he was Executive Vice President, Office of the Chairman, at News Corp in New York, where he was a member of the Executive Management Committee. Previously he was Vice-Chairman and co-founder of ecorp Ltd.

Jeremy is a graduate of the University of New South Wales and the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. The World Economic Forum named Jeremy as a Young Global Leader in 2008.

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