Who is Voiceless

The Voiceless Council, chaired by Dr Gene Sherman AM, was established in August 2009 to assist Voiceless's Managing Directors in ensuring sustainability, growth and development of the organisation into the future.

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Robyn Williams

Robyn Williams AM is a science journalist and broadcaster who has been a member of the Voiceless Council since 2009. 

Robyn is the host of the ABC’s Science Show, Ockham's Razor and In Conversation.  Robyn has used his voice to inquire and speak up about the barely questioned silence surrounding animal welfare issues in Australia. He has helped focus public attention on issues such as the use of whips in horse-racing, pork production methods, the kangaroo meat industry and other scientific and ethical issues.

Robyn holds honorary doctorates in science and law from no less than five Australian universities and has been awarded the United Nations Media Peace Prize.  He is on the Scientific Advisory Council at the University of New South Wales and has also served as the President of the Australian Museum Trust, Chairman of the Commission for the Future and President of the Australian Science Communicators. He was proclaimed a National Living Treasure in 1987 and appointed a Member of the Order of Australia in 1988. 

Robyn’s latest book is titled 2007: a true story waiting to happen.

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