Who is Voiceless

The Voiceless Council, chaired by Dr Gene Sherman AM, was established in August 2009 to assist Voiceless's Managing Directors in ensuring sustainability, growth and development of the organisation into the future.

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Simon Longstaff

Dr Simon Longstaff AO is the Executive Director of St James Ethics Centre, an independent not-for-profit organisation aimed at promoting applied ethics. He has a PhD in Philosophy from Cambridge and is the author of Hard Cases, Tough Choices.

Dr Longstaff has an impressive professional history as a thought leader and has held a number of significant positions. He was the inaugural President of The Australian Association for Professional & Applied Ethics and is Deputy Chairman of the Global Reporting Initiative based in Amsterdam and Co-curator of Sydney’s Festival of Dangerous Ideas.

He is a dynamic speaker and forward thinker in bringing ideas of ethics and morality to the community.

Simon has been a member of the Voiceless Council since 2009.  

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